Print & Binding Bachelor thesis online

How to find the right online printing company

Looking at Google “Print Bachelor Thesis Online” is not hard at first. It only becomes tricky when it comes to deciding on the flood of offers for the right online print shop to print and bind your own bachelor thesis. We took over this task for you and looked at the online market.

Looking at Google “Print Bachelor Thesis Online” is not hard at first. It only becomes tricky when it comes to deciding on the flood of offers for the right online print shop to print and bind your own bachelor thesis. We took over this task for you and looked at the online market.

Print & Binding Bachelor Thesis: You should pay attention to this

Many online print shops offer a wide range of offers for printing and binding the bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or other scientific work that one has to fight for. Before deciding on a provider, one should be aware of how the bachelor thesis should look like after printing and binding. This makes it easier to find the ideal provider who can print and bind the bachelor thesis as one would imagine.

However, this does not mean that the decision to print and bind a bachelor’s thesis to an online print shop is only a matter of form, because the various providers differ in various disciplines – sometimes even seriously – and a major thesis, such as bachelor thesis, master’s thesis or dissertation, should only print and bind online where you can be sure to get the quality you want for such a job.

For this reason, we have compiled the most important aspects of online printing and binding of the bachelor thesis for you, and also listed the aspects in which the online print shops differ the most and which should therefore be taken into account when choosing a provider for online printing and binding the bachelor thesis.

Paper to print the bachelor thesis

Which paper you print your own bachelor thesis seems to be secondary for some, but it is an important decision. By default, printers often print on 80gsm paper. However, this paper is less suitable for printing a thesis. Most online print shops recommend the stronger 100 g / m² paper, as the bachelor thesis can be browsed through more easily and get a higher quality character.

When choosing an online provider to have your bachelor thesis printed and bound online, you should make sure that at least the 100 g / m² paper is offered for your bachelor thesis. High-quality paper speaks for the expertise of the shop, because a professional supplier knows that a thesis has to make a high-quality impression. Especially at online print shops, which are not specialized in study work, the firmer paper is often associated with a surcharge. So the best is the provider, which offers standard 100 g / m² instead of 80 g / m² paper. Ideally, you will of course also be offered to print high-quality graduation work, the 120 g / m² paper.

When printing the bachelor thesis or master thesis, you should also make sure that the color page printing is also not accompanied by horrendous additional costs, because color pages make your bachelor thesis look more professional, of course, only where it is really necessary.

Tip: You should pay attention to this when printing the bachelor thesis online:

  • Offered paper thicknesses
  • paper surcharge
  • Color page Price

Binding for the bachelor thesis

Since one does not always write the same study work, also not always the same binding is appropriate. Different theses put different demands on printing and binding.

A competent online provider should be able to offer the right binding for every thesis. For example, online print shops that only offer hardcover are less suitable for printing and binding household chores.

Attention should also be paid to the quality of the individual bindings. For example, some hardcoats are covered with protective films because the bindings themselves are not of high quality. This slide is always a potential wear-off factor, as it can detach itself under external influences – and you certainly want to have your bachelor thesis printed and bound impeccably.

When choosing the right binding you should also pay attention to how many leaves can be included in the wish-binding. A dissertation is usually very extensive and the ideal online provider should also have a high-quality binding in the repertoire for this work.

Ideally, the online print shop also provides you with information about the respective binding types, because with an online shop, you can not directly assess the product for binding the bachelor thesis, ie. H. the better the description, the better you know what to expect after the bachelor thesis has been tied. So, when choosing a provider to print and bind your bachelor thesis, be sure to find out how easy it is for you to get information about each service.

Tip: You should pay attention to this when binding the bachelor thesis

  • Selection of bindings
  • Quality of binding
  • Leaf circumference of the bonds
  • Detailed description of the offers

Most importantly, after printing and binding your bachelor thesis, the online print shop can still offer a cover imprint, because only then will the hardcover be complete. In the embossing should be taken to ensure that it is of high quality and can be chosen in different colors, because only this way you can really customize your bachelor thesis.

For many providers, a file must first be downloaded and edited according to the embossing concept. This process is often complicated and involves hours of work, because it still has to be found out how the document is processed correctly and which positions and logos can be shaped at all. You will not get an embossing preview here either.

Tip: Better are those online shops where you can easily enter directly the type of work, title, name and year and even let the logo of your university to mark your bachelor thesis or master’s thesis.

In addition to printing and binding the bachelor thesis, students often require a digital version of their thesis for submission. Ideal, therefore, if the favored online print shop also offers to burn your files on a CD and this can then be glued practically with a CD case in the bound bachelor thesis. Make sure that a CD cover can be ordered here as well. For similar practical reasons, the vendor for whom you decide later on to print and bind your bachelor thesis should also offer folding plans.

Apart from these practically oriented additional gadgets, there are also finishes that visually enhance your binding. Book corners and reading tape, for example, make your bachelor thesis unique after printing and binding and give it a classy appearance. Care should be taken here that all your wishes can be fulfilled: book corners, reading tape, embossing, because a certain selection speaks in favor of a competent provider of online printing and binding your Bachelor thesis

Tip: You should pay attention to this when refining the bachelor thesis

  • Product preview of the desired finish
  • Selection of finishing options
  • Qualitative cover embossing
  • Selection of embossing options
  • Burn CD + CD case
  • Shipping after printing & binding online

An important aspect that you should consider when printing online and binding the bachelor thesis is shipping times. Thesis papers often have a fixed deadline, so it is of utmost importance that during the ordering process you ensure that your bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation or other thesis is delivered on time after printing and binding.

Of course this means for you to ensure that you place your order soon enough, but also to check whether the online provider of your choice offers express delivery. Some providers already calculate the earliest delivery date when ordering. Here you should make sure that it is the offered express shipping is a 24-hour delivery, because only then comes your thesis as soon as possible to you.

However, it should not only be paid attention to what shipping options are there, but also how they financially impact. This is where the online print shops differ greatly. For some providers, you also pay shipping costs for a standard delivery and in addition to the delivery costs an express surcharge for the faster delivery variant.

Tip: BachelorPrint differs from all online print shops and offers 24-hour express delivery for free. In addition, you will even get 5% of your order price for standard shipping.

So you can save a lot of time and money here if you choose the right provider for printing and binding your bachelor thesis or master thesis.

What to look for when shipping:

  • express delivery offered?
  • Is an express surcharge calculated during production?
  • Are exorbitant prices for express shipping calculated?
  • When is the work with me?
  • What are the prices for standard shipping?

Bachelor thesis print & bind in the online shop

Online store is not the same online store, you will surely have noticed already. So why bother to print and bind the bachelor thesis through a complicated online shop, if other providers can offer you a clear shop with a simple ordering process? If you ask yourself a thousand questions during the ordering process, how this works with the order, you might want to look for another provider.

Tip: Ideal is a so-called live preview in the online shop. So you can try out the individual binding variants and get a picture of what your finished thesis could look like later.

It is also helpful if there is a price and delivery calculator. So you keep track of the costs for printing and binding your bachelor thesis and the selected accessories. In addition, you can use the delivery calculator to estimate exactly whether the appointment overlaps with your levy.

What you should pay attention to in the online shop:

  • Easy ordering process
  • Live Preview
  • Slight embossed logo
  • Price and delivery calculator
  • Print and bind the bachelor thesis online: Conclusion

An online print shop that can offer you this choice is not a bad choice, because it has expertise and knows what it takes to print and bind the bachelor thesis. Discouraged from shops that are not specialized in the printing and binding of student papers. Also not a good choice are providers without online store.

Tip: A good indication of the quality of an online service is customer reviews. Does the provider of your choice have many reviews and most of them are still positive? In this case, you can rely on the opinion of other students, because they have already printed their bachelor thesis, master thesis or other thesis online and have them bound.

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