Plagiarism Check Online for the bachelor thesis

What you should pay attention to when choosing plagiarism software

Plagiarism is currently on everyone’s lips. Time and again one reads of prominent cases, in which the plagiarism led to the withdrawal of the doctor title. But not only among doctors, but also among bachelor and master students, the problem is known, because almost all universities are now working with a plagiarism software to detect possible plagiarism in bachelor’s theses, master’s theses or dissertations.

Plagiarism is currently on everyone’s lips. Time and again one reads of prominent cases, in which the plagiarism led to the withdrawal of the doctor title. But not only among doctors, but also among bachelor and master students, the problem is known, because almost all universities are now working with a plagiarism software to detect possible plagiarism in bachelor’s theses, master’s theses or dissertations.

Plagiarism: what is it?

In the Duden plagiarism is defined as “unlawful appropriation of thoughts, ideas o. Ä. another in the artistic or scientific field and its publication; Theft of intellectual property. “

This refers to the assumption of foreign thoughts in the own bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation without this sufficient mark. Even if one often thinks of a malicious intent, most plagiarisms happen by mistake, because a careless mistake can often be enough to forget important sources. The whole thing is annoying if you do not pass the bachelor thesis, master thesis or even dissertation.

To check submitted theses there is the so-called plagiarism check or plagiarism software. Here, the text of the bachelor thesis, master thesis or other scientific work is compared with all sources accessible on the Internet, in order to uncover plagiarism. This type of plagiarism study is used by universities for submitted work. But even as a private person can be checked with a plagiarism software, whether the own bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation is flawless. We want to introduce the different possibilities of an online plagiarism check here.

Free plagiarism software for plagiarism testing

Popular with students are on the one hand free online plagiarism. The reason is obvious. It is a service provided for which one has no additional financial expense. Plagiarism software for a free online plagiarism check of your bachelor thesis is available on the Internet, either as a website or as a downloadable program. The text is then inserted for plagiarism either directly on the page or in the program and scanned for plagiarism.

What sounds good at first but also brings some serious disadvantages:

  • Limited number of characters: For many free online plagiarism tests, a maximum of 5,000 characters can be inserted. As a gimmick or first plagiarism check quite useful, these pages are not suitable for plagiarism examination of a more comprehensive thesis, such as bachelor thesis, master thesis or even dissertation, because just here it is important to make sure that all sources were named correctly!
  • Incorrect check: With free plagiarism software you often have the problem that only every 2nd or 3rd set of the work to be checked is scanned.

Again, the plagiarism check gives a clue, but no exact result to plagiarism, after all, can also hide in the unscanned sentences plagiarism.

  • Poor Privacy: A problem with free plagiarism software, which unfortunately is also widely used, is the privacy. With a plagiarism free offer you should make sure that your own work and also the given data are not stored, distributed or even sold for money.
  • At a glance: Advantages and disadvantages of free plagiarism check

Advantages of the free plagiarism check

  • No financial burden
  • First clue for your own work
  • Disadvantages of the free plagiarism check
  • Limited number of characters for plagiarism
  • Incorrect check for plagiarism
  • No privacy

The alternative: professional plagiarism check online

As an alternative to free plagiarism software, there are of course professional providers for the plagiarism check of your own bachelor thesis, master thesis or other scientific thesis. Some students are deterred from having to invest financially in a plagiarism check, but looking around the market, the offers of most providers are very affordable.

Tip: A plagiarism check for theses with up to 8,000 words can be obtained from some providers already from 14,90 € and thus for all students well affordable, especially considering that you are so sure to deliver a plagiarism free work and not in the distress comes, to have to justify in front of the university or even the own final thesis does not exist.

Nevertheless, of course, there is still the question in the room: Why take the financial burden?

The advantages of professional online plagiarism testing for your bachelor thesis

If you look at various providers of fee-based plagiarism testing on the Internet, you will notice the following similarities, which speak clearly for a professional plagiarism check of your Bachelor thesis:

  • Data protection: The providers of a professional plagiarism check of free plagiarism software in terms of data protection clearly want to separate. Here is basically assured that data will not be used for other purposes and not stored without consent over a longer period or are freely accessible.
  • Attention: Even if all providers assure that the submitted data for plagiarism testing are safe with them, there are also differences in this area. These are mainly how long the transmitted data are stored for safety’s sake and how you can personally influence it. Data storage ranges from 24 hours to one month. But many providers also give the possibility to manually delete their own data immediately. Of course, this only makes sense when stored over one day.
  • Comprehensive plagiarism check: is applied on professional sites for plagiarism of your bachelor thesis or master’s thesis with the scope of the investigation, because even here a professional plagiarism software fundamentally different from a free plagiarism check. As already mentioned in detail, in free plagiarism software only a limited number of words or not every sentence of the submitted bachelor thesis or master thesis is examined. Professional providers provide here a detailed plagiarism, which examines every single sentence and scans for plagiarism and that even with very extensive work – word limit: no indication! This means a professional plagiarism check works much more accurately than a free plagiarism software and thus offers much more security for your own bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation.
  • Plagiarism report: All examined professional plagiarism providers provide their users with a clear plagiarism report after the plagiarism check. It is also explained in detail on many pages in order to make it particularly easy for the users of the plagiarism software to understand the result of the plagiarism check correctly and to make changes to the own bachelor thesis.
  • Tip: The plagiarism report, which we liked best in our research, had a simple traffic light system to determine whether there is still a need for optimization in the present bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation. In the report, suspicious places in the text are highlighted in color and assigned under the text to the corresponding source. The target link is also specified to make the correction of the bachelor thesis particularly easy.
  • Service: An important aspect, which distinguishes a professional plagiarism check of your bachelor thesis from a free but is often neglected, is the provider himself, who stands ready with words and deeds. Here you have a contact person who is in case of ambiguity and questions to the site and the result of plagiarism further explained. Even in case of difficulties someone helps you here and you can perfectly optimize your work.

This service aspect is also reflected in the professional structure of the site, where not only information gathering but also the plagiarism check itself should be made as easy as possible. For free providers, this unfortunately usually looks different. These are often simple, incomprehensible pages with little explanation. Also you get here not so easy feedback on plagiarism in case of inconsistencies. If your plagiarism check goes smoothly then this factor may make you feel cold, but if you have any questions about plagiarism, this aspect is worth gold.

Differences of providers for plagiarism testing

Of course, the providers of professional plagiarism testing also differ in some aspects, which we do not want to withhold from you here.

  • Registration: For most providers, it is necessary to create a user account and register for the plagiarism check of a thesis, such as a bachelor thesis or a master thesis. Easier, of course, if you do not have to register before. Even with a professional plagiarism check this is possible. Here you simply load your file into the plagiarism software and give the E-Mail address, on which you would like to receive the Plagiatsreport later. This is not only easy and fast, but also saves you the release of your data!
  • Storage in database: Even though data protection is very important for professional suppliers of plagiarism, some providers store their work in a database. Often it can be deliberately contradicted. Basically, your work will not be published without a professional plagiarism check without your encouragement, but saving it in a database is still problematic as it may mean that your work is still available for later scans. Especially with an online plagiarism check of the university, this can be problematic. Better is a professional provider for the plagiarism check of your bachelor thesis, which does not save your data and does not transfer your work to a database.
  • Procedure of the test: The different providers of a paid plagiarism test also differ in the handling of the plagiarism software, albeit only slightly. Here again the service aspect comes into play: how easy is it for the user to use the plagiarism check online? For some providers, you will first be directed to an infopage for plagiarism testing and then have to click through to the actual plagiarism software. Clearer and more comfortable are those providers who simply offer you the information and you can easily perform the plagiarism check of your bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation on the same page.
  • Price: Of course, the price is an aspect in which different providers differ. Here, above all, a difference is made in the scope of the work, d. H. from which word count a higher price is calculated. Here it is worthwhile to compare offers and not only to the price, but also to the given word size.
  • Our recommendation: play it safe with a professional online plagiarism check

Basically, we recommend performing a professional plagiarism check on important work such as the bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation. So you have the assurance that your entire work is scanned, no matter how large it is and your data is still safe!

In our research, we especially noticed one provider. With BachelorPrint you do not have to register and your work is not stored in a database. Here are all the advantages of the BachelorPrint plagiarism check at a glance:

Benefits BachelorPrint:

  • No registration necessary
  • No storage of the uploaded work in a database
  • Anonymity in the sense of data protection
  • Plagiarism check in just 30 minutes!
  • Comparison with billions of sources from the internet
  • Clear plagiarism report with colored markings in the text
  • Simple correction by marking the plagiarism and link to source
  • Plagiarism software, as well as universities use it for plagiarism

The BachelorPrint Plagiarism Review: Experience & Customer Evaluation

Whether on Google, Facebook or on your own page, BachelorPrint gets consistently positive customer reviews and also the experience of the BachelorPrint plagiarism review sound completely satisfied. Based on the many sayings and positive experiences with the BachelorPrint plagiarism test, we can recommend these with a clear conscience!