Bachelor thesis in the company: jobs, benefits and tips

What’s the use of having the bachelor’s thesis supervised not only at the university? And what do you think is the perfect company to work with? We show you.

Writing your bachelor thesis in the company offers you not only great practical relevance. You can also improve your chances for a possible direct entry into the company and will receive financial support during the writing process. With the search for suitable companies you should start five months in advance. Matching companies can be found on our job board. When coordinating with the supervisors in the company and at the chair, you should set the framework conditions of your bachelor thesis clearly. As you concretely in the search for your dream company and what things you should note in terms of application deadlines, contract or copyright, you’ll find out here – including a practical checklist!

First of all, you should think carefully about which type of company is suitable for your bachelor thesis at all. In a first step, it is important to weigh up which topic interests you, in which area you would like to start your career and which company really suits you.

The following checklist can help you to find your desired company:

  • Search specifically for thematically relevant companies that are successful in your preferred area.
  • Pay attention to terms such as “Fair Companies” or “Top Jobs” (lists are available on the internet).
  • Look at the black board of your university for possible open tenders for bachelor theses in the company.
  • Please alumni and professors for recommendations.
  • Visit job fairs to make contacts with interesting companies.
  • Use open days in companies that are particularly attractive to you.
  • Check if your desired company has already taken care of other bachelor theses and if you can also contribute your own topic suggestions there.
  • Question about perspectives after the bachelor thesis and acquisition chances.

Of course you can also search for suitable companies for your bachelor thesis with the help of job portals on the internet. After all, many companies not only advertise open positions for theses in the careers section of their homepage, but also publish them on online portals. Some tenders are fixed topics, others ask their stakeholders to submit their own proposals. On the Jobbörse of you find z. For example, from large corporations to start-ups, there are over 250 vacancies available for your bachelor thesis in the company on a daily basis. For this you only need to adjust the default settings: Simply remove the tick next to “Praktikum” and select “Bachelor- / Master- / Diplom-Arbeiten” instead. Finished!

If you have already exhausted all search possibilities, without having found the right company for your Bachelor thesis, you can of course also directly inquire with your desired company, whether a joint cooperation is possible. Unsolicited applications with their own bachelor thesis topic are definitely possible for companies. In general, you need but for much more lead time.

Bachelor thesis in the company as a door opener

There are many advantages to the bachelor thesis in the company. Above all, the close practical relevance of the thesis is repeatedly emphasized. Also, your thesis may serve as a door opener for a direct entry into the company concerned. The following table shows the biggest advantages at a glance.

Especially at universities that offer a high degree of practical relevance, cooperation with companies is generally problem-free. At other universities, however, examination regulations of individual faculties exclude the possibility of writing a bachelor thesis in the company. Here you should inquire in time, whether your university and your department allow a bachelor thesis in the company.

In principle: Search early contact with your chair! Because even if you write your bachelor thesis in the company: It is and always will be an academic thesis and is ultimately evaluated according to the standards of the university. So the Erstkorrektor is definitely an employee of your university. It makes sense, therefore, first to find an academic supervisor in your subject area and to discuss with him the possibilities of a bachelor thesis in the company. If you can then present some suitable companies, this is of course very helpful.

As soon as you have found a company for the bachelor thesis and a supervisor at the university, you should pay attention to a few things in the coordination of the framework conditions.

Clearly define the content of the work with both sides Also, you should first discuss all topics proposed by the companies and the scope of your bachelor thesis with your university supervisor. Possibly. It requires some adjustments, so that the topic really meets the scientific requirements. In this way, you can anticipate a potential conflict of interest during your bachelor thesis between company and university. For while the latter may place more emphasis on a large theoretical part and a high academic level, companies are usually interested in practical solutions to problems and data obtained. Here it is important to clarify the expectations of all participants in advance and to record in writing. In such an agreement should also be noted to what extent the data obtained for the bachelor thesis in the company may be discussed with your academic supervisor. Because often these are subject to the secrecy of the operation.

In addition, you should record in a written contract all aspects of your bachelor thesis in the company and all the framework conditions of the cooperation. So, on the one hand, the topic, the goal and the work or schedule of your thesis should be noted, as well as the assurance that during the entire bachelor thesis a supervisor in the company is at your side, which remains always responsive to you and not suddenly other projects is deducted. On the other hand, questions of remuneration, working hours and attendance obligations should be clarified. Especially if you want to attend seminars in addition to your bachelor thesis in the company or spend time in the library for your research, you should clarify these points in writing.

Attention: Before signing the contract, always check whether you keep the copyright to your work, so that you do not unknowingly assign all rights for publishing and marketing your bachelor thesis to the company! Although the company, if you refer to company-internal data, may require a so-called blocking notice for reasons of secrecy, but this must also be part of your contract and be defined in advance exactly! Engineers and students of technical subjects often develop products for the company as part of their bachelor thesis. In this case, it is also advisable to register a patent for the development. Otherwise, this can be freely used by the company or possibly even patented.

Internship of the bachelor thesis in the company

The period of preparation for bachelor theses is not very long, with an average of eight to twelve weeks. At many universities, it is therefore possible to combine a bachelor thesis in the company with an internship. Many companies also prefer to do an internship before completing their bachelor’s thesis. So your supervisors can get to know you before the beginning of the bachelor thesis and get an idea of ​​you.

The advantage for you: In this way, you lose nothing of your valuable processing time, but have plenty of time in advance to organize yourself in the company and get to know all the structures.