From ownership of social media to leadership

So who owns social media? PR? Brand? Marketing? Customer Service?

It shouldn’t be a question of who owns it but of who leads it. And that, is everyone.

“In the future, all marketing jobs will become social media jobs.” We agree with this statement. This is why we go to great lengths to not only educate our clients about social media in general, but also on how it impacts the way their business operates, and will operate, in the future.

While we are just at the beginning stages of this evolution, there are some companies out there who are experimenting their way to the future. PepsiCo, for example, built the Mission Control Center for it’s Gatorade brand with the sole purpose of analyzing and driving conversations about the hydrating beverage in every platform that matters.

This Social Media Control Center sent a clear signal to the whole company that being social matters. To make it work they created a team from across all functions of the company such as PR, Brand, Marketing and Customer Service. By taking this approach, PepsiCo intentionally ended the discussion about which department owns social media. Everyone owns it and thus everyone leads it.

This is something your organization should look at with desperation because this is how the organizations of the future are going to operate very, very soon.

Remember: In the future, all marketing jobs will become social media jobs.

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