13 Questions to help shape your social media strategy

We’ve seen that clients and prospects ask for and want a secret ‘recipe’ to start a social media programs that they can ‘plug and play’ into their business without considering the ‘why’ of their business, this leads to ‘more of the same’ strategies that lead nowhere.

To help you answer the ‘Why’ we recommend you read Jay Bear’s 7 step process on and then come back here.

Thanks for coming back, now on to the ‘How’.

Framing the challenge

Since we’re always in the ‘let’s shake things up’ mood we’re testing a new approach to develop strategy, here are some questions to help you ideate a social media strategy around the most important things:

  • In what ways might we spread the word about our product or service?
  • In what ways might we create a following on Facebook and/or Twitter?
  • In what ways might we create content?
  • In what ways might we publish content?
  • In what ways might we create engagement?
  • In what ways might we help people subscribe to our newsletter?
  • In what ways might we help people share our content?
  • In what ways might we help people take useful action from our content?
  • In what ways might we show people the benefit of doing business with us?
  • In what ways might we prove to people the benefit of doing business with us?
  • In what ways might we make our product or service be talked about?
  • In what ways might we convince our customers come back?
  • In what ways might we convince our customers to tell their friends about us?

These questions are meant to open your mind and create a list of possible options. The next thing you have to do is get a group together of no more than 5 key people and brainstorm around these questions and stop once you have enough answers for each question. At this point you have all sorts of ideas and now it’s time to start making choices depending on your strategic goals.

*For another approach check out Steve Koss’s comments below and clickthrough to his website for more depth.

Strategy should be unique to you

Next, to get really creative instead of going out and seeing how other businesses within your industry would answer these questions, think about how businesses in other industries would answer them. Why? Because all the good ideas in your industry are already taken and they’re called best practices.

The whole idea of strategy is not to replicate what your competitors do but to create a strategy that’s unique to you. 

We’d love to know what you think? What’s your approach to developing a social media strategy? What questions would you add?

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  • http://local-marketplace.com/ Steve Koss

    We include an environmental scan (whether social media, innovation, social change/problem-solving, ecommerce, …) to help align and connect the strategic/tactical dots based on our strategic intent. We do this for two reasons – adaptability and predictability.

    A few questions that could be added are:

    Is this a comprehensive strategy and operating plan to realize the performance potential?

    Is the necessary human capital, financial, physical and other resources provided and allocated to achieve success or do we need a GAP analysis?

    What is our position on the strategy – a shaper or adapter or reserving the right to play?

    Greater depth on our approach and added questions can be found at http://bit.ly/aJcdFI


    • http://game-changer.net Jorge Barba

      Hello Steve,

      great comment I like your focus on adaptability and predictability given then constant state of change and great leading questions.

      I think we've seen this time and time again, businesses want to jump in straight to the tactics without putting much thought into the strategy.

      It seems to me our approaches complement each other.

      Thanks for adding your thoughts :)